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5 Types of Water You Can Use From Kangen Water Machine

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Kangen Water machine is able to produce 5 types of water that is very useful for your water daily needs, whether it is water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, beauty treatment, etc. Here are the list of 5 water types produced from Kangen Water machine and how to use each of them:

1. Kangen Water

On Kangen Water mode, there are 3 level of pH you can select by pressing "Kangen" button on the machine. The pH level are 8.5, 9.0 and 9.5. All of those used for daily drinking water. If it is the first time you drink Kangen Water, better to start from 8.5 pH for one week, then gradually increase the level to 9.0, and then 9.5 pH after your body has adjusted.

Other than drinking water, you also can use Kangen Water 8.5 - 9.5 pH to:

  • Cook rice : use it for washing & cooking. The result is delicious and fluffy rice.
  • With Coffee, tea, or green tea : For which taste and aroma are everything, you will be surprised at the improved color, taster, and aroma. And you can use less coffee, tea, or green tea, and still achieve a full rich taste due to extractive ability.
  • In soup and stews : Kangen Water draws out the flavor of ingredients so they tender and juicy. Therefore, less seasoning such as salt and soy sauce needed, and it is perfect for people trying to reduce their salt intake.


2. Clean Water 

Clean water or Neutral water is the water with 7.0 pH that also can be consumed. Clean Water can be used especially when you take medication or make baby formula.


3. Beauty Water

This water is produced when you press "Beauty" button on Kangen Water machine. The pH of this water is slightly acidic with 6.0 pH. Beauty Water offers cleansing and astringent qualities which lends a softness to skin and tightens pores just as a "toner" would. It's great for sensitive or dry skin and help to maintain skin moisture. Use this Beauty Water for your daily skincare routines. 

(Note: Beauty Water is NOT for drinking!)


4. Strong Acidic Water

Strong Acidic Water with 2.5 pH is very excellent to be used as cleaning or disinfecting agent. With its strong acidity, this water is able to kill germs and bacteria and can help you sanitize anything. Eventhough it is very acid, this water is still very safe for human skins and also safe for the environment as it contains no chemical properties.

You can also use Strong Acidic Water to:

  • Sanitize your knives, cutting boards and dish towels
  • Disinfect the hand
  • Disinfect your toothbrushes
  • Helping skin problems such as skin rashes

(Note: Strong Acidic Water is NOT for drinking!)


5. Strong Kangen Water

Strong Kangen Water is produced simultaneously from flexible (upper) pipe when you press Strong Acidic Water 2.5 pH button. Strong Kangen Water 11.5 pH has a detergent effect and is able to dissolve and draw out oil based substances. Strong Kangen Water can emulisifies oil, cleans oily or greasy things, remove pesticide residue from produce and infuses vegetables with negative ions that retard degeneration.

You can also use Strong Kangen Water to:

  • Clean cutting boards, knives and dishes.
  • Sterilize vegetables, meat and fresh fish.
  • Remove slime and stains on floor
  • Remove stains from toilet.
  • Remove spots from coffee, soy sauce.
  • Use for washing clothes in order to reduce the consumption of detergent.

 (Note: Strong Kangen Water  is NOT for drinking!)



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